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For those that are not satisfied with the default available options on DownSource, there are many extra features available for registered members only! DownSource gives users the opportunity to create an account to enjoy those extras which are described below. Check the features that registered members gain on DownSource.

Comparison overview
-Internal software search engine
-Remove Internet Explorer old browser message
-The ability to view DownSource on fluid width
-Option to sort software in alphabetical order
-Quick navigation
-Only the best and most popular software
-Daily software updates

Member FAQ
1. I have an member account registered on DownSource. Where can i login?
Answer: Move your mouse to the top right and the loginbox wil appear.
Note: Old browsers display the loginbox always.

2. How much does it cost to register an account on DownSource?
Answer: At the moment, registering an account on DownSource is free!